Alcohol Driving Limits- “Over the Limit, Under the Influence”

Alcohol driving limits play a crucial role in ensuring road safety. It helps in preventing accidents caused by impaired driving. In Ireland, these limits are strictly enforced. This reflects the nation's commitment to promoting responsible alcohol consumption. At Neil Manley Solicitors, our solicitors are vastly experienced in all areas of drink driving laws. Alcohol Driving [...]

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“Defending murder in Ireland: The Grim Secrets”

Murder in Ireland: A case for the Defence Defending a murder trial is a daunting task that requires meticulous planning, strategic thinking, and expert legal representation. At Neil Manley Solicitors we have over 40 years of combined legal experience in navigating the complex legal system, upholding client's rights, and securing the best possible outcome. Here [...]

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“Locked in Emerald”: Prisoners rights inside an Irish Prison

Rights inside an Irish Prison Prisoner rights inside Irish Prisons have undergone significant changes over the years. Ensuring that inmates are treated fairly and in accordance with human rights standards. The Irish Constitution recognizes the inherent dignity and worth of every person. Including those deprived of their liberty, and this principle extends to the Irish [...]

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When & Why you might need a Forensic Accountant

Do I need a Forensic Accountant? Forensic accounting, plays a vital role in the detection, prosecution and defence of criminals involved in fraudulent activities. Ireland, in particular, has witnessed its fair share of forensic accounting criminal cases. These cases highlight the importance of a forensic accountant in uncovering financial irregularities. Anglo Irish Bank Case - [...]

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The Importance of Disclosure in a Criminal Trial

The Importance of Disclosure in a Criminal Trial The process of disclosure plays a pivotal role in criminal trials. It ensures that both the prosecution and defence have access to all relevant information pertaining to the case. In Ireland, the principles of fairness and justice dictate the manner in which disclosure is conducted. The Significance [...]

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Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB)

What is the Criminal Assets Bureau? The Criminal Assets Bureau Ireland (CAB) is a highly esteemed and essential agency within the Irish criminal justice system. Established in 1996, the bureau plays a pivotal role in combating organized crime and money laundering. It also strives to recover and manage any illegally acquired assets. Operating under the [...]

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The Special Criminal Court Ireland

The Special Criminal Court Ireland - What is it? The Special Criminal Court in Ireland (SCC), is a distinctive judicial institution. It plays a crucial role in dealing with serious criminal offenses. The SCC was established under the Offences against the State Act in 1972. It was specifically designed to address the challenges posed by [...]

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